This is not a philosophical question–I am just asking.
Answer me after you see the picture on this page:
(Many thanks to my dear friend Karen who sent me the link!)
So, would you invest in the company they founded if you had a chance?
The guy in the lower left corner looks fishy, doesn’t he?
I trust the guy in the second row, on the far right. 
He has this signiture beard that you just couldn’t help but trust him–nerdy enough to be on the Star War sequals.
Remember the mop-like creature in the movies?
Or better yet, the mop in "The Adam’s Family"?
Mind you, the owner of this website is a quite famous economist–and if that is not enough, he is also a football (soccer for ignorant North Americans) club owner. 
Apprantely, economics does have pratical values someitmes. 
You will like it!