Feeling like haven’t slept for decades or centuries even–yet I have to write something before pass out onto my sweet bed.
Blogging is addctive.
Finshed another exam.  Two more till freedom.
And the dear Prof. asked us to decide the weight we would like to put on the final: ranging from 0-60%
If you were me–who has no clue how I did and what the prof’s mood would be at the time he marks my paper–what would you do?
This prof apprantely likes game theory very much–Baysian equilibrium in particular, I would say. 
But my brain is not functioning well now–if someone was trying to brainwashing me, s/he has a great chance to succeed.
And I think I am going to email him and say "42, my dear professor."
The great answer for everything we don’t know.
Time for bed.