We have heard a lot about global warming, haven’t we?
Well, to stir up things for you, I am posting a video here:
What the video argues are:
1) to quote Scott, "Al Gore and the scientists got the cause-and-effect thing backwards. There is a strong correlation between carbon dioxide levels and temperatures throughout history, but temperature increases come first by hundreds of years. Warmer weather heats the oceans and produces more carbon dioxide." 
2) The frenzy is largely caused by powerful social and politcal interest groups such as the hippies, enviormentalists, journalists, communists, politicians and some scientists and… Margret Thatcher (the queen bee?) started it all
3) And if you hate the heat waves (especially if you are Hong Kong–it’s really getting hot here), point your finger to the almighty sun (yea, s/he is the one to blame)–while driving your air-conditioning-equipted SUV.
And read how Bill Butler debunking the video and the evidences it provided:
Can someone make a video out of it?  I mean, as a member of the MTV generation, I found it difficult to concentrate while reading it.
Besides, the video above has a few nice sound tracks–you got to give them some credits for making it more entertaining.
That’s why I LOVE the Daily Show with Jon Stewart–it makes politics entertaining.
On that note, I think I may have just killed my political career.
Update: check out CBC’s Fifth Estate program "The Denial Machine", Bill Butler should be happy now.