The pouring rain finally stopped, and the sunshine is peeking through the thin clouds.
Finally, sunshine.
I am one of those folks who cannot survive without sunshine–in fact if there is a place that has sunshine 24/7, I am going there in a heart beat.
(this reminds me of one of Dilbert’s blog entry where Scott woke up in the dark and wondered whether the earth has stopped roatating and he happened to live on the unlucky side of the planet)
Well, if that indeed happens, I hope I will be on the sunny side.
I love sunshine, and this is one out of about a million things me and my Dad disagree on.
He believes that a lady should avoid the sun as much as possible.  In other words, a lady should be as pale as humanly possible.  And I have to say that I have successfully blown his plan of raising me as a lady.
He also believes that a lady should always wear skirts and long hair.  And he worked extra miles to make that happen: I never worn a single pair of pants in summer while I was growing up, and my hair was always long and shinny. 
That’s why I was the only one who did not cry when I finally went to junior high where every girl has to chop off her hair. 
I did not miss the skirts he bought for me either.
Why I am talking about my Dad? 
Well, we had a conversation last night, and once again, he reminded me to stay away from the evil sun, and of course, to "polish up".  I used to get angry when he said this, but I am starting to find it amusing.  I am planning to get all those expensive lady outfits and send him the bills.
Just kidding.  I am happy with who I am and not planning to bleach my skin.
Michael Jackson has set a bad example.