Hewlett-Packard’s focus on design gives its PCs an edge
"HP is like the plain girl from high school that you see three years later and she is a bombshell, while Dell is the hot girl from high school who has gained 30 pounds."
Well well, I know what they are talking about.  It’s all about style, baby. 
In fact, I just got a new Compaq.  And I am not denying that I bought it for its sheek look. 
Consider this, I am a HUGE (imaging Donald Trump pronoucing it) movie fan, DVD playing function is a must for my laptop.  I don’t care about memories, hard disks–all these are irrelevant to me as long as I can access internet and watch movie on my computer. 
And this new Compaq I’ve got sucks in the latter department.  Every now and then, it would stop in the middle of the moive, and refuse to respond to my command–as if it’s got its own brain. 
I could have returned it, but didn’t.   Because, well, it looks good.  So now I just take the interruptions during the movie as commercial breaks– let it take a rest while I go get potato chips or popcorns.  Then resume. 
We have an agreement.
See how vanity has saturated every aspects of my life?