I did not realize that library spaces are so hot–even hotter than the economies of India and China these days. 
But apprarently, they are–I spent 30 minutes searching for a study space in the Main Library today, and right now I am typing these words from the sofa outside the reserve section.  Alas, I can call my laptop "laptop", literally. 
It’s the end of the semester, the time to sharp my multi-tasking skills:
three 20 plus- page-papers, 1 presentation, and four final exams. 
It’s gonna be fun.
You may ask why I am still writing this useless blog entry, given the daunting tasks ahead. 
Good question.
Over-confident, hopelessly optimistic, latened sense of emergency, or just plain laziness, hard to say.  
Next time people asking me what my strength is, I will tell them this:
I am exceedingly good at balancing life and work under pressure. 
Crossing your fingers for me, will ya?