Ladies, be aware: streets in Hong Kog are not for walking. 
If all you have in your shoe drawers are high heels, consider get a pair of Havaianas, or set aside a Taxi Fund, you will need it.
Not that I am a hard core feminist–I actually enjoy wearing skirts and high heels once a while. 
(And I believe we women can take over the world in high heels, why not?  It’s gonna be a sexy world, don’t you agree? )
But why do we have to wear them on every damn occasion that is classified as "formal"?  
I have a hunch that this is a conspiracy against women, masterminded by men.   
So I was helping out a friend doing some administrative work for a talk on competetion law.
Job description: greeting guests, taking photos, collecting fees,…, and–doing all that in high heels. 
I do like the fact I seem taller so that all those big men would not have to bend over to talk with me, but my poor feet…they weren’t happy. 
Anyway, I survived and gained some insights on the competetion law in HK and else where–while having delicious Chinese food. 
Now that I call a good tradeoff.
One more thing though, what do you do with all these name cards you got by just standing there and smile? 
Recycle them?