I am relying on Vitamins supplements for my health conditions, given the randomness of my eating schedule and my severe lack of interests in vegies and healthy food in general.  I wonder whether my DNA will be alterted in one way or another if I continue this diet.
        Another reason why I cannot live without internet.  Call it multi-tasking or attentional disorder, I have to have music while working on my papers and projects.  And gives me all the music I needed to work out a 40-pages paper.  Throw in several presentations, I will still be fine. 
        I cannot say it’s fun.  But it’s somewhat amusing.  You go about in high heels and suits, trying your best to convey this professional image.  But one single smile reveals it all: you are still green.  You need a professional smile.
"You are still young and beautiful":
        So don’t worry your pretty little head with all these uncertainity and chaos in this world.  Yea, thinking is too challenging for our peanut-sized brains.  Just ask Paris Hilton.
       Lots of people own blogs now.  We write about our life and everything we find interesting.  We reveal our experience, beliefs, thoughts…and sometimes very personal things.  Where should we draw the line?  How much is too much?  How should other people react?  I did not put much thoughts into these concerns until recently.  Dilbert is right, there is no free will.
       They give u unconditional love (or hatred very rarely).  They are your last resort.  But they can also be the chain that ties you up.  It’s time to do this, it’s time to do that…But whose time is it anyway?  Again, Dilbert is right.