It’s a wonder how these tiny little creatures got into my room.  But anyhow, I have owned an ant farm for several days now. 
     They went crazy once got here: clawing on my desk top and occasionally enjoying a maze run among my laptop keyboard.   Couldn’t bring myself to hurt them, I let them play and have the time of their life. 
     Then an idea came up: What if I feed them coffee?  First, I have to send my regards to the folks working at the campus Starbucks.  Their tiny garden at the back of the coffee shop inspired me.  Because, according to them, the ground coffee beans are full of nutritions after producing the dark liquid (what’s in the liquid then?).  And they proved this by planting tiny plants, using the ground coffee beans as their soil.  (I have to say, the plants do look healthy and exceptionally energetic.)  
      So I decided to create a farm for my little guests in the pot of my tiny green plant (I have no idea what it is called).  And not just any farm, a grounded coffee bean farm.  It is a win-win-win situation, I figure.  For the plant can enjoy the nutritions and the ants the fun of exploring in coffee mud, and I can smell the coffee all the time.    I had a plan.
      Then this morning, I wake up and noticed that my guests were gone.  They did not say goodbye. 
      I couldn’t help but thinking: did I kill them all?  But there is no body to be found.  Maybe they went hyper and jumped off the building through the window?  (I have a huge window, you know.)  
      Anyway, they disappeared misteriously and thus put my ant farm out of business.  What a pity, I was just starting to have fun.