I have a confession to make:  I have stolen newspaper pages twice within one week.  First from Starbucks, then from school library (!).  But please note that my unusual behaviors were totally justfiable. 
       I did it for art.
       First, I did it for Mr. Kurt Vonnegut; then for Sir Clement Freud.
       International Herald Tribune published a great essay paying tribute to the late dark comic writer, I had to have it.
       The Times featured an article by Sir Clement Freud, the grandson of Sigmund Freud, the first jewish Liebral MP in Britain, a celebrity chef, a renowned columnist, a horse racing enthusiast, among other things.  Here is an excerpt from the article I found particularly charming:
        "In 1978 I was on a parliamentary delegation to Japan and returned via China during the Cultural Revolution, a choice also made by young Winston Churchill, then the Conservative MP for Stretford.  On my final day I was debriefed by the Minister for Information who asked if there was anything at all I would like to ask.  I said: ‘Yes. Everythng you do, you do with extreme care and precision.  When I ask questions that your government does not like, my driver calls for me five minutes later than arranged.  When I ask if there are any blind or handicapped children in China, I get cabbage soup for dinner.
         ‘Now I am in your country with a colleague, than whom I am older, have been in parliament longer, have held higher positions in our respective political parties: we are both staying at the Peking Palace Hotel and his suite is bigger than mine.  Why?’
         "The Minister, very embarrassed, finally said: ‘It is because Mr.Churchill had a famous grandfather.’
         "It is the only time that I have been out-grandfathered."
         Am I right?