Be warned, corse language involved.
Step one, wait till its reasonably late.  Say, 1am.  Then tell them to shut up from this side of the wall. 
            I have to clear one thing tho, I did not stay up late just to annoy them.   I had more important things to do, and shut them up was just one of the sidekicks.  For fun, as a matter of fact. 
            Besides, screamings like pigs and hysterical laughters do not count as normal "couple-noises", right?  So I was not screwping up their sex life, I think.
If step one does not work, proceed to step two.
Step two, call them, and shout politely:" Will you please shut the fuck up?" 
            It is one of the few advantages of living in GH: if you know their room number, you know their phone number.  And, the crappy phones do not have incoming call display.  You know what that means, my friends: knock yourself out, harass as you please.
They shut up.  And the funny lady did not scream for the rest of the night.  Victory.
What they always say?
–Life is a beach, be aware of the crabs!