• Get up earlier, so that the cleaning guy/lady won’t see me in PJ anymore.
  • Smell the coffee, put on a smile.
  • Turn up the volume, let Nirvana rock the whole building (especially the noisy couple next door)
  • Water my plant.  (It’s in my genes, I can take care of plants better than I take care of myself.)
  • Check how those two tux-dudes are doing
  • Dig in the monstrous pile of  books (3 papers, two presentations, and buttomless thirtst for impratical knowledge await me)
  • Class
  • Read IHT in the library (it has all these classical cartoons including Garfield and Peanut)
  • Annoy my neighbours a bit with Clash or Leonard Cohen, depend on their noise level
  • Feeling restless, and refuse to go to bed

Be aware of this anti-social-mode-activated Angela