talk fast.
I know, this is nonsense.  But I am having trouble making sense of things these days. 
Anyhow, allow me. 
Loneliness is contagious.  
It’s strange how lonely you can get surrounded by all these people.
We might as well come from different planets. 
They need something other than alcohol to loose up. 
Speak of alcohol, those liquid might take people far–at least for two tuxedo-wearing drunkards. 
(Check out their website:
The story goes like this: after a few rounds of cocktails or whatever in a Hong Kong bar, two British guys decided they will travel from Hong Kong to London in 4 months and 10 days, and wearing tuxedos.
Why tuxedos?  For the sake of silliness, I guess.
Why 4 months and 10 days?  Don’t ask.  They don’t know.
They didn’t know each other either.
Yea, so they started their journey on April 1st–a perfect choice. 
They are probably somewhere in Shengzhen or Guangzhou now, in a bar, of course.
Oh, and wearing tuxedos. 
While trying to "avoid getting kidnapped or molested (against our will)", they also set up a fund.  And this Silly Fund (I am not making this up) has raised $418.76. 
Don’t you just love it when people stop taking themselves seriously?