Haven’t updated my blog for quite a while–at first, because I didn’t feel like it; and then when I desperately wanted to but can’t.
That’s what a Chinese New Year surrounded by relatives you have never seen before does to you–especially when the top question in their minds is the following:
Their implication quite clear too–"it’s time to get one, you poor girl"; or "I know someone’s son, interested?"
(Whatever happened to the national salutation "have you eaten?")
Then I would take this opportunity to be a smiling moron.
As Wilco said, how do u fight loneliness–just smile all the time.
Depression for sure is contagious–that’s how my laptop refused me of access few days after my depression paramounted. 
That’s when I really wanted to write something–but can’t.  
What fun.
Anyway, it’s back with a new brain.  I do hope you are immune to depression now, baby! 
’cause I am still not.