Spring came to Hong Kong earlier than I expected.  As a result, my plan of surviving winter without socks succeeded.  Can’t help but be proud of myself.
In comparison, Toronto is cold as hell right now, -12°C.  It is a mystery how I survived them all, including a epic winter storm.  Because of the snow angels I’ve made, I guess. 
Don’t know what the groundhogs say, but I am pretty sure T.O. will have to wait a while for Miss Spring.  She is having a great time here.  And when she finally decides to take off, she will have to catch a plane from here to, oh, maybe Vancouver.  And that’s a hell of flight, 10 hrs in a confined space, sitting next to some obnoxious human beings. 
She might not be in good mood when she arrives at Vancouver, who can blame her?  So T.O. will have wait for yet another couple of weeks, till Miss Spring recovers from the jetlag under the lovely Vancouver sky. 
Meanwhile, people in T.O. are puring down hot chacolate in their heated houses, wishing the groundhogs haven’t seen their shadows.  When finally Miss Spring arrives at the Pearson International, girls in town put on their mini skirts and sun screens–ready to get tanned.  Yes, it is Summer to them.  And Miss Spring doesn’t like this idea.  Her sudden departure marks the entry of the  unprepared Miss Summer.  And everywhere, you see mini skirts and tank tops. 
And you start to question your health condition, for you still need a jacket to hide your goosebumps. 
Thanks god that girls in Hong Kong don’t like the idea of getting taned.