Hong Kong has provided me with a lot of "first", the first professor who positively hates teaching, for example.  And yesterday, it granted me two more. 
The first first came from the weather forecast on ATV World: "Tomorrow the air quality will be horrifically poor, try not to breath too much!"  I liked their sense of humor. 
So I decided to go for my Yoga class today (which is yesterday’s tomorrow, the horrifical air day).  When u think about it, it is probably a little bit suicidal.  For Yoga is famous for not only the impossible strech positions that requires a serious acrobatic background, but also the deep breath techniques.  "Take a deeeeeep breath, bad air in, then cough ur lungs out", so the instructor said, in my imagination.
The second first is currently staying at the zoological and botanical garden, possibly sun bathing.  It’s a jaguar, and is the fattest jaguar I’ve ever seen.  I would like to use the politically correct term "big", but unfortunately its frame can only put it in the pettite category compare to its fellow cats.   
Looking at her/him, you can conclude with confidence that the "row food" or Atkin diets are bogus.  I am sure she/he has had raw meat for the whole life, but she/he needs a Yoga instructor badly.
I want to name it "Mimi", the fattest cat I ever owned.  To be fair, all the cats I have owned are quite chubby, but Mimi is the Queen.  (All she did was lying or sitting comfortably at her corner, waiting for food to come.  She wandered off one day, to seek for a fitness coach I suppose.)
And if  the garden people don’t like the name, I will sue them for animal cruelty.