Out of boredom, I googled "Chengdu" (成都), and apparently, I didn’t know my city that well.
It is now THE party city of China, according to Los Angeles Times. 
My first reaction: huh?
Second reaction: Where were the parties when I was home? 
Finally: I know!  The tea parties! 
There is absolutely no reason to exclude the teahouse goers out of the party.  Well, in a sense, teahouse is the equvillant of salon in Paris where Voltaire entertained his audience and eventually got thrown out.  Now I would call it a party.
What’s more, the teahouse goers(at least in Chengdu) talk about serious stuff during their partying.  Politics, economy, social issues…, you name it!  Once I overheard two elderly gentlemen arguing whether George W. Bush is a real fool or an excellent actor.  
I know people in Chengdu got a reputation within Sichuan and in China at large for having a laid back attitude and lifestyle, but come on, enjoying life does not just mean having good parties!  Chengdu has so much more to offer than just numerous bars and clubs. 
we have PANDAS!  And they do climb trees.