"You can’t make up anything anymore.  The world itself is a satire.  All you are doing is recording it."

"My dream was to follow in the steps of Hemingway, Elliot Paul and Gertrude Stein.  I wanted to stuff myself with baguettes and snails, fill my pillow with rejection slips and find a French girl named Mimi who believed that I was the greatest writer in the world."

                                                                                                    Art Buchwald

"Hi, I’m Art Buchwald, and I just died," he says on the startling video obituary he left for his friends and fellow newspapermen.  

He was famous for making fun of the famous and important and had a theory on Communists in the U.S.  It goes like this: the shortage of Communists was imminent there and that if the nation was not careful, the Communist Party would be made up  almost entirely of FBI imformers.

And as a true humorist, he rented a limousime and chauffeur to tour Eastern Europe when Communism still held sway so that people there would know what a "bloated, plutocratic capitalist really looked like".

Here is a man who said "dying is easy, parking is impossible" while suffering from kidney failure.  He got something few people ever get in the final days of living. He got the last laugh.

One thing for sure, no matter where he is now, he is making someone laugh.