Bit by bit, I saw myself drifting away, toward the mess of emotional swirl.  This old familiar emotional swirl…
It never treat me well. 
It’s the time when two sides of my brain start to quarrel with each other, and neither side is willing to give in.
It’s also the time for a walk–aimless wandering.
But the moment I set my feet on Caine Road, I realized it was a mistake. 
This isn’t Little Italy.
People rushed by, eyes focusing on the space in front of them, purposefully. 
And there I was, the out-of-place piece of a puzzle.  I heard Jenny shouting at the little Gump:"Run, Forest, Run!"
I wanted to run, but instead, I took out the camera–my prop as a clueless tourist and, went on walking.    
It’s a shame to waste a glorious day like this.