I am sitting outside the main library at HKU in a sunny afternoon. 
Yea, I am such a nerd that  the first thing I want to do in 2007 is to get close to library:P
It is a lovely day indeed, like many lovely days I have spent with you–all my dear friends–in the past year. 
Year 2006 has treated me very well, I can say. 
I endured four years of turture including near-neverous-breakdown, late nights in front of the computer, over-doses of Starbucks (yea, once again, I cannot survive without it), insane pub nights, disgusting cafeteria food, sweeting in AC… at UT, and you guys were there when I got out of it.  I had a bless, thanks to all of you.  BTW, you guys know whom I am talking about, right? 
Then the nerd in me overpowered the rest part of me, I came to HKU.  Hmmm, say, I got a Hon.BA, what else I can get?  I know, a Master degree!  I have to addmit (how do u spell it?) that I did not put much thought into it–coming to Hong Kong.  It went like this: tt’s a warm place, good, then I should go.   Yea, then without knowing it, I was dropped off at this giant China Town. 
But this first impression has slowly faded away.  I am starting to like this crazy town–because of the decent people I met here.  Some became my mentor, some my great friends, and one lucky guy became my boyfriend:P. 
Yea, I have to say that things do happen for a reason. 
Happy New Year, my friends!  No matter where you are, hope year 2007 treats you well! 
Thank you for being here–this planet called Earth, for I will have trouble looking for you guys on Mars. 
And to this lucky guy, thank you for letting me find you, thank you for loving me the way I am. 
I love you.