If there is any ultimate truth, I believe it goes like this: " We don’t know a thing about life." 
Shakespeare has been keeping telling us for centuries now, and somehow we still don’t get it.
Think about Hamlet, did he have a clue what to do when he heard the ghost of his father?  I mean, is that really the ghost of his father?  There are mean spirited ghosts around, you know.  They like to pretend to be someone they are not. 
BTW, did Hamlet go to heaven or hell? 
We don’t know, neither did Shakespeare. 
That’s exactly the point–we don’t know. 
The only things I know are following:
1) I am going to die someday somehow
2)I love my Mom
Frankly, that’s not good enough for me, but what can I do? 
Maybe God does not play dice, or does he?