Talked with a friend on the street last night.  Everyone was staring at us.  Why?  We were sitting on the stairs, next to an extremely busy street.  Heck, I get lots of stars like that.  The stare one would threw to someone perceived as "out of the line", even "uncivilized’.
But, people, what did i do?  I felt angry when nobody bother to say "thanks" after openning or holding the door for them, am I "out of the line"?
I demand respect from other people, am I "uncivilized"?   I smile when someone stares at me, am i—no, wait, maybe that was just plain stupid. 
Yea, it’s better to laugh at yourself than someone else.  For people will think you are mean when you laugh at them, but when you laugh at yourself, they think you are halirous (or stupid,  maybe both).  I get it!  This is a win-win stiuation, you see.  I got less angry, and they are less offended by my uncontroable laughters.
So, let’s walk on the sunny side of the street, folks!