Still can not fall in love with this city, so I decided that from now on I will be a tourist—a tourist does stupid things from time to time, a tourist hates the place she is visiting from time to time. 
    The Temple Street was one of my destination today.  It showcases the old Hong Kong perfectly, with deep contrast to it’s mordern counterpart.  Here live the old folks, immigrants from south east Asia, and the working class.  No starbucks, no Parada, all they have are fish balls, wonton soup, and other delicious street snacks. 
    And of course, the tourists. 
    Then I headed to the famous Ladies’ Street.  I was overwelmed by the crowds–apparently half of HongKong’s population rushed here in this Sunday afternoon.   And look what they are buying: fake Gucci bags, fake CK underwears, and pirated CDs.  I started to understand why almost every lady/girl I saw on the street carried a Gucci/LV/Parada bag. 
    However, what facinated me the most was the fruit stands.  They have the most attractive and sometimes bizzar presentation, see for yourself what they are selling in the pic.  I am guessing they are Coconuts!