This was how I felt the second I got off the bus from airport.  Yea, you can tell I wasn’t a big fan.  I say "was", not because I am fond of it now.  Hell NO! 
     (to my dear friends: as you can see, your sweet, polite, wonderfully optimistic girl is now officially an anti-social bitch:P.) 
     But I told myself: take a look at the bright side, you spoiled brat!
    Yea, so here they are:
          the university is located on a hill, which means no more tredmill for me~~~
          there is Starbucks on campus, it will be mine power house when course load hits me~~~
          I am watching "late night show with David Letterman" on TV, I really miss this old guy~~~
          (if only they have comedy central~~I miss you terribly, Jon Steward~~~, dude, I really do.)
          the food~~~do I need to say more? 
      Gradually, it’s turning to Kensington Market to me.  Friends in T.O. should know about it: it’s near the China town, yet has its unique flavors–the yappys, hippys, or whatever **ppys we are calling them today.  They are the souls of Kensington culture. 
      Who are the souls of this giant China Town?  It’s yet to be found out.  I remember seeing the old taxi driver singing alone with songs of The Beatles,"I wanna hold your hands"~~~
    I am holding on tight, my dear friends!  I am holding on tight.
    I miss you all, I really do.