On ambition:
    "Ambition is nothing to me.  I don’t have ambition.  I have a desire to do the things I like to do and, whatever it takes to do that, I’ll do.  Ambition to me is an amorphous word that is separate from the thing you love.  If I have ambition, then you can just replace whatever it is I love with anything and ambition will carry it.  I do this becuase I love this."
                                                  —-George Stroumboulopoulos (Host of "The Hour" on CBC)
Well said, Buddy!  
March on, soldiers of punk-rock politics! 
Oh well, the readings are drive me crazy.  Couldn’t shut down my mind.  I need to get enough sleep! 
It’s all Greeks to me! 
But Tome Waits goes: "you got to hold on, hold on." 
I will.  I am holding tightly.