Finished one exam, I got hyper–maybe it’s the Irish Cream this morning, maybe it’s my brain’s way of celebrating yet another escape from near-nervous-breaking down.  Oh, my dear brian cells, what do you expect?  It’s that time of the year, you see.  Endless exams, endless coffee, and occasionally, good mood out of blue.
I started walking through Queen’s park.  Guess how many shades of blue and pink I saw? 
Then walking along Bloor, suddenly realized how much I am in love with this city.  Posters of DALI film fes and Pink Floyd,  ROM, the lovely church in front of Four Season hotel, the Indigo (Bookstore is my candy store) and the sound.  Those amazing sound of people, of cars, of music…I was listening to a live Jazz song performed by the entire city. 
A baby boy on the Dad’s shoulders smiled at me when I walk by.  Believe me, no matter how crazy this sounds, I did believe that he was an angel.  "Don’t forget to smile to strangers, for they might be angels…" Ben Harper was singing softly in my head.  
Thus starts my love fair with this city.