Yea, It’s in the air–X’mas!!! 
Darkness falls earlier these days, for a girl who likes dark winter night, it’s heaven. 
Walking down the Young Street, you see pieces of life–a begger, a puppy, and more and more Christmas trees–contradictory, yet somehow go together. 
Watched "Born into Brothel" last night on CBC.  The stories of kids who were born and are living in the red light district in India moved me.  When a 7-year-old girl says "you have to get used to the fact that life is harsh", you don’t need any more proof of their suffering.  The kids were each given camera to shoot their worlds, and the pics can shake up an adult’s world.  What they are enduring is ugly, yet there is beauty and dream in their photos. 
The kids at Siling had the same excitments when they saw our cameras.  They loved taking pics so much that we would run out of films in a flash if we were using regular cameras.   I still have the pics they took, they are the way they see their worlds.  And I can tell, they are happy.
Happiness doesn’t need to cost a thing, they taught me.