A nice day for a cup of coffee–not just any coffee– I am talking about Rwanda.   Ever watched "Hotel Rwanda"? Anyone?  I guess I am the only one.  Once for a while, Hollywood does do some good.  Otherwise, people like Paris Hilton would have never known of this country. 
Celebrities are a powerful bunch.  Sometimes they make them looked stupid, but hey, sometimes they do know what they are talking about.    Say BONO, the self-claimed Irish rock star.  He was recently busy writing an article for Time magazine.  It’s called "this generation’s moon shot".  He was asking for more government supports to end poverty and diseases in Africa.  We’ve heard enough of Africa, haven’t we?  But do we really care that much?  I’ve always wanted to work  in a romote African area, fighting against the tragedies that happen every second in that part of world.  That’s my dream job.  But with so many things going on around the world, around me, it’s hard to keep focus. 
So many people need help, why aren’t we helping them?